21 December 2009

proof of quality control

if you expect our order are from a pet free area,
sorry that we have to dissapoint you :(

please note that every order from chatttt boutique are individually packed with the help of our little helper...
mr. dongb the tabby tail.

we do try our best to keep our order *pets hair free*, but its kinda impossible.
instead, we hope you treat it as a proof of quality control from our pretty little helper :)


  1. so cute~~~

    the sweater your meow meow is wearing~~~


  2. Is that my order? :)
    Mr. dongb the tabby tail is so cute!
    I love cats!


  3. jove, thats actually a winnie the pooh jumper my aunt knited for him. he looks lovely doesnt he <3

    cynthia, yes thats your order you smart girl ;) i hope you like it.