27 December 2009

dream chatttter

dream chatttter

unlike dream catcher which catches nightmares away from your sleep,
dream chatttter brings lovely pretty chattttties (AKA kitties) into your beautiful dreams; especially made for chattttties lovers.

to use it: simply hang it in your bedroom and let the magical chattttie journey begins ♥.

measurement: 13cm x 13cm
please note the outlook of chatttter may varies due to each chatttties are beautifully handmade.
customized order available (that means you can choose your own chattttie colour or even a doggie or birdie!), price will be quoted upon request.
production takes time, kindly allows 7 days for the process of magic and spells upon confirmation of your order.

PRICE: HK$188 (US$23.5)
Paypal is accepted for oversea buyer.

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